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Duracell Doubles Down on Partnership with Ariana Madix with New "Assistant Ann" Ad

The Duracell Company is doubling down on its popular ad campaign featuring Bravo TV's Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix by releasing a new ad installment referencing the "Scandoval" fallout from her split with Tom Sandoval and this time features fan favorite, "Assistant Ann."

The battery brand first teamed up with Madix last June on an ad poking fun at Sandoval's viral comments about her not restocking household items like batteries during their relationship.

That initial Duracell spot capitalized on a memorable season 10 scene where Sandoval complained to Tom Schwartz that Madix never restocked household items like batteries. Madix's debut ad featured zingers like "I buy my own batteries now" and a nod to their 9-year relationship being longer than Duracell's 10-year battery life.

"I buy my own batteries now."

Watch the original spot in the Madix-Duracell partnership here:

Now, Duracell has released a second installment featuring Madix's assistant, miki ann maddox, who also left her former employer, Sandoval, for a brighter future. "Trust me, different is good," Ann says cheekily in the new spot. 

Ann takes over the spotlight in the ad, smiling to the camera and finally setting the record straight:

 "I always bought the batteries. And can tell you all about them, because I didn't sign an NDA!" 

Watch the newest The Duracell Company below:

Maddox's quip in the ad is also a nod to her podcast, "We Signed an NDA" with Amanda Lifford, former producer of the The Viall Files.

From there, Ann helps Madix "stock up" her place with Duracell batteries in her new "dream home." 

It's clear Duracell is, and has always been, #TeamAriana and fans are loving it. 

Here is one fresh take from creator Emily Schwartz posting: "Madix & Maddox living their best lives 🤭 Ariana & Ann get their own batteries 😏"

Watch the full reaction below:

This is a brand partnership that keeps on giving, and bringing Ann into the mix with Madix is a clear win for the Duracell marketing team. 

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