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The RessaTeesa Phenomenon: What Brands Can Learn from 50-Part TikTok Memoirs

TikTok creator Reessa Teesa has captivated millions with her 50-part video series "Who TF Did I Marry," a memoir chronicling her tumultuous marriage and divorce. At nearly 500 minutes in total length, the series is an unconventional format for TikTok's notoriously short videos. However, Reesa's ingenious use of TikTok's playlist feature to string the videos together into chapter-like installments has transformed the series into a bingeable "audiobook" experience.

The series has blown up into a viral sensation, catalyzing Reesa's follower count from 50,000 to nearly 2 million in under a week. Moreover, Google Trends data shows "Who TF Did I Marry" has become the most searched for marriage-related term this week. Reesa's memoir signifies an evolution of the popular "story time" genre on TikTok into longer-form confessional content.

So what are the key implications of the RessaTeesa phenomenon for brands and influencer marketing?

  1. Appetite for longer content: There is clearly viewer demand for longer-form, episodic content on TikTok that tells a compelling story over many installments. Brands that can leverage TikTok's playlists to serialize content can captivate audience attention.

  2. Rise of "audiobook" experience: Reesa designed the series to be an audiobook-like experience for passive listening while multi-tasking. Brand content with an audio-first focus that entertains during mundane tasks can thrive.

  3. Relatability and authenticity are king: Raw, authentic storytelling that forges an emotional bond with the audience can rise above polished content. Brand collaborations with influencers should emphasize personality and realness.

  4. Influencer fame can strike fast: Reesa gained nearly 2 million followers in days thanks to the viral nature of TikTok. The platform offers incredible influencer marketing potential for both brands and creators.

What crucial lessons can brands take away from the ReesaTeesa craze to boost audience engagement?

The Bite-Sized Isn't Always Best

TikTok has become synonymous with hyper-short videos that seize fragmented attention spans. But the 6+ hours of Reesa’s serialized story proves that a compelling, confession-style narrative expanded over multiple installments can be utterly addictive. Brands should leverage TikTok's playlist feature to stretch stories across episodic content.

For example, an athleisure brand could team up with an influencer fitness guru to chronicle their journey to run a marathon. The brand could integrate their athletic wear into videos that provide training tips, document fitness highs and lows, and ultimately capture the emotion of crossing the finish line.

Bingeable Brand Storytelling

Reesa's memoirs tap into the mass appeal of bingeable, confessional content - much like reality TV indulged in on Netflix. Brands that frame episodic content to tap into this guilty pleasure of immersive storytelling are primed for loyalty.

A DTC startup could recruit an influencer entrepreneur to relay the thrills and spills of getting their business off the ground. Mini-cliffhangers at the end of each video will have audiences hitting replay.

Infuse Authenticity with Relatability

Raw, authentic narratives that audiences emotionally bond with can trump polished content from influencers. Reesa's unfiltered airing of her personal laundry, flaws and all, broke through the manicured Instagram aesthetic pervasive across channels.

Brands should scout out influencers who exude genuine relatability to be the face of episodic content. For instance, a home goods company could discover a fledgling influencer mom tackling DIY projects battling comical parenting fails. Her messups will endear her to mothers everywhere.

The Takeaway: Let Creativity Binge

At its core, the cultural moment sparked by ReesaTeesa shows that crowds can't get enough of creative, character-driven storylines on TikTok. Brands willing to move beyond short clips toward serialized narratives are tapping into a proven formula for engagement riches.

RessaTeesa shows the power of creative long-form storytelling on TikTok to enthrall millions when done in an relatable, audiobook-style format. Brands that leverage episodic content and relatable influencers have much to gain on TikTok. Reesa's memoir is just the beginning of a new wave of bingeable content on the platform.

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