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Q&A with Krystle Rocci Integrated Strategy Director at Pernod Ricard

This week the CMO Room is pleased to highlight Krystle Rocci, Integrated Strategy Director at Pernod Ricard, to discuss key advertising and marketing trends shaping the spirits industry in 2024.

With over 15 years of experience driving innovation for iconic brands, like Coca-Cola, Krystle brings a wealth of knowledge on how to engage consumers in authentic, culturally-relevant ways including:

  • Harnessing AI and machine learning for more precise media targeting and content production

  • Adapting advertising strategies to align with shifts in consumer behaviors and preferences

  • Ensuring messaging breakthrough and resonance through usage occasion-based campaign strategies

  • Future-proofing initiatives by embracing new technologies aligned with target audience behaviors

Let's dive in to our timely conversation on the consumer-centric advertising and marketing strategies that will define brand success this year and beyond.

CMO Room: What specific trends do you foresee dominating the advertising landscape in 2024? How might these trends redefine the way brands connect with

consumers? Any new tools you are embracing?

Rocci: I think we will continue to see AI dominating advertising conversations in 2024.

Over my 15+ year career in the industry, I have seen marketing technology play

a pivotal role in driving both innovation and helping brands drive efficiency. We

have seen machine learning drive advances in the ways brand connect with the

core consumer segments for many years now, from a media targeting standpoint

but with the introduction of open AI, Chat GPT 4, and now evolutions like

Google’s AI Gemini and many other similar products touted by all the major

platform partners like Microsoft, Meta, etc. 2024 is poised to only further

accelerate the trends we saw in 2023. AI will continue being utilized to accelerate

and refine content production. As a Digital Marketer, I think it is critical to remain

abreast of all these developments and create test and learn frameworks to

embrace, as our industry and many others continue to evolve with the growth of


CMO Room: How does your company adapt its advertising strategies to embrace emerging trends, new platforms, and changing consumer behaviors while ensuring relevance and impact?

Rocci: As a spirit’s company, being entrenched in culture and driving innovation in our

category are critical guiding principles for us. When embracing new

technologies, trends, and platforms, we develop our strategies with our target

audience segments in mind. For example, if an emerging platform is an

environment where we see a high volume of our target spending an abundance

of their time and reaching them in said environment would ring authentic and

help achieve on our business objectives, then we would certainly embrace it to

aid in accomplish our overall goals.

CMO Room: How does your advertising strategy prioritize personalization and resonance with consumers in 2024? What steps are taken to ensure advertisements resonate with the increasingly discerning audience?

Rocci: Being consumer centric is central to our audience strategy at Pernod Ricard. We

have a vast portfolio of spirits brands of various varietals and price points. Why

someone chooses one of our products versus another is very much driven by the

usage occasion. For example, what I may choose to drink at a business dinner or

on a weeknight may be very different than what I choose on vacation or at a

weekend celebration. As such, marrying our messaging strategy to effective

content is key. This approach is crucial to driving message breakthrough and in

turn resonance.

CMO Room: What initiatives or investments is your company making to future-proof its advertising strategies in the face of technological advancements and shifts in consumer preferences anticipated in 2024?

Rocci: As I already mentioned, innovation is core to Pernod as a company, as such we

embrace technologies, strategies, and tactics that are in-line with those that our

various consumer targets are also embracing. In general, for 2024 and really for

all years that proceeded it and those that will follow, having strategies that are

grounded in audience insights will aid in ensuring that our advertising initiatives

are futureproof.

CMO Room: Any other takeaways or advice for marketing professionals in this upcoming year?

Rocci: Always embrace learning to maintain your individual and team’s relevance to an

organization. Throughout my career, I have seen a constant evolution of new

platforms, publishers, and technologies constantly reshaping our

communications approach. 2024 may be a continuation of the explosion of AI,

2025 may be something new entirely, in any event, attend conferences, talk to

your peers, take a meeting with a new or emerging platform. By embracing

constant education, you will in turn always be best equipped to message

effectively to your core audience and thus maximize the value that you as an

individual contribute to your company.

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