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Molson Puts Women's Hockey Players' Names Front and Center

As Women's History Month kicks off Molson Coors Beverage Company is using its new partnership with the Professional Women's Hockey League (PWHL) to bring greater visibility to the league's talented players. The beer brand announced its multi-year sponsorship deal in a unique way - by obscuring its own logo on special edition PWHL Toronto jerseys to make space for players' names.

The initiative, called "See My Name," swaps Molson's branding on jerseys for the player name placement below the number on the back. Typically covered by hair, this prime real estate will now showcase each athlete's name prominently during PWHL games.

The redesigned jerseys made their debut on March 8th for the International Women's Day match between the Toronto and Montreal PWHL teams. However, this is just the start for Molson's "See My Name" campaign to raise the profile of women's hockey stars.

"We're huge fans of the PWHL and its incredible athletes, and launching 'See My Name' is a great way to help the stars continue to shine," said Kara Fitzpatrick, Molson's Marketing Director. "Despite growing interest, awareness of individual women athletes still isn't where it should be due to lack of media coverage."

Indeed, a 2022 study found women's sports received only 15% of total sports media coverage. By putting PWHL players' names at the forefront, Molson hopes to bolster name recognition and fandom around these elite athletes.

"International Women's Day is important for celebrating women who are change makers, which makes it fitting for an initiative like 'See My Name' that provides unique recognition for PWHL players," said Jayna Hefford, the league's Senior VP of Hockey Operations.

The special jerseys are just the beginning of Molson's multi-year PWHL partnership aimed at elevating the league and its players. As Women's History Month celebrates the vital role of women in society, brands like Molson are using their platform to raise the profile of women making history on the ice.

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