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Mayo Haters Hate NotMayo in Debut Campaign from Kraft Heinz and The Not Co

Kraft Heinz and The NotCo have launched their first joint creative campaign since entering a partnership in 2022. The humorous video for their plant-based NotMayo product takes an unconventional approach - showing mayo haters' disgust for NotMayo to demonstrate its similarity to real mayonnaise.'

The campaign, created by agency GUT features self-described mayo haters trying NotMayo on burgers and sandwiches while being assured it's not actually mayonnaise. After taking bites, the participants grimace, gag, and spit out the food, blaming the overpowering taste of mayonnaise despite being told it's a vegan alternative.

"Why do I care if it's the exact same thing?" one participant asks when it's revealed they ate plant-based NotMayo instead of real mayo.

"Approximately 20% of Americans dislike mayonnaise; we felt showing hatred towards the condiment tapped into a consumer reality that many can relate to," said Dean Paradise , executive creative director at Gut. "This campaign showcases NotMayo's striking resemblance to the traditional condiment as the deep disdain remains for the true mayo haters."

The campaign video will run online and on social media, including a call to action to tag a mayo-hating friend for a 50% off coupon to try NotMayo.

By portraying mayo haters' revulsion to their vegan product, Kraft Heinz and The Not Co. aim to prove just how indistinguishable NotMayo is from the real thing.

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